The benefits to employers are:


  • Operators who have experience may now be certificated with the minimum disruption to work schedules.

  • Qualified and registered plant instructors conduct all training.

  • Examinations and assessment are carried out to approved standards.

We make no apology for emphasising our belief that employers should be able to choose what they regard is the best way for them to meet their particular requirements and their statutory obligation to provide their employees with adequate instruction, training and supervision. This scheme offers a viable alternative to other schemes and we hope that, when assessing your training requirements, you will consider this.


The primary function of all members of the Scheme is to improve the quality of training for operators, instructors and others associated with the operation and maintenance of plant.


Ensure that no action or omission on their part or within their sphere of activity or influence is detrimental to the quality and standards of training.

Take every reasonable opportunity to maintain and improve their professional knowledge and competence in the field of plant training.

Present themselves and their facilities for re-examination by the recognised accrediting bodies at the recognised and accepted times.

Assist in the activities and investigations of the accepted and recognised monitoring bodies and to take part in any enquiry resulting from such investigation.

Refuse to accept any commission or order, which the member is not competent to undertake.

Respect confidential information gained in the course of professional activities and undertakings and refrain from disclosing such information without consent of the client, except as required by law or by an order of the court.

Refuse to offer or accept any gift, favour or hospitality that might be interpreted as seeking to exert undue influence to obtain preferential consideration.

Have regard for the workload and the pressure on professional colleagues and subordinates. To take appropriate action where these are seen to be such as to constitute abuse of the individual member and/or to jeopardise the safe standards of practise.

Improve the quality of operation of plant and equipment by assisting with the provision of information that may benefit the manufacturers of these machines and by assisting in safety audits and competitions designed to improve the safety and status of the operators.

Ensue that all activities of the Scheme and its members shall be carried out without prejudice to ethnic origins, religious or political beliefs, age, sex, colour or social status.

Submit to the disciplinary procedures of the Scheme and accept the findings of the Scheme council, having been made aware of all rights and appeal procedures available to members.



The following conditions apply:                    

  1. Instructors must provide evidence that they have completed recognised methods of instruction course.
  2. Instructors must hold a plant operator certificate for each category of plant they wish to conduct that training on.
  3. Training Organisations and Instructors accept that they will receive a monitoring visit at least once in every period of 12 months.
  4. All documentation must be completed in full in respect of each trainee.
  5. The published training standards and assessment criteria of the scheme must be strictly applied.
  6. Full and proper training records must be maintained.  Records of assessment must be retained for a minimum of 6 years.
  7. Training organisations and Instructors must provide evidence of liability insurance.
  8. Training organisations must show evidence that they have adequate health & safety and equal opportunities policies in place and must also have completed risk assessments in accordance with health & safety requirements.
  9. Upon application, temporary registration is awarded for a period of six months or until the first monitoring visit takes place, whichever is the sooner.
  10. Training organisations are registered for a period of two years
  11. Initial registration for instructors is a period of five years.
  12. Instructors may at any time update their instructor certificate by providing documentary evidence of their operating ability on other categories of plant.